1867 Benjamin Franklin Stamp

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The 1861-1869 issues feature the stamps of the Civil War Era and the 1869 Pictorials. Between 1867 and 1871 the Post Office Department applied embossed impressions to. 1 cent, Franklin – blue – "E" Grill (11x13mm), $1,250.00, $240.00.

12 Oct 2018. Stamps aren't the most exciting antiques, but the chance to sell one for. This stamp, also from 1867 but featuring Benjamin Franklin, uses the.

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The rarest Franklin stamp is the 1-cent Z grill, with only two copies recorded of this National Bank Note Company issue of 1867-68. In 2006 the United States.

. and modern, year sets, sets and singles. Order online Classic Mint U.S. Stamps to 1890: #1-229 at Allstamp.net. FVF-No gum 30-Cent 1861 Orange Benjamin Franklin. Add to Cart. US 93 1867 3 Cent Washington "F" Grill. Price: $125.00.

19 Feb 2017. Even some 1c stamps ave even more valuable than this 2c stamp…Benjamin Franklin 1867 1c Z-grill, which exists in only 2 examples,… or.

29 Sep 2018. This stamp showing Benjamin Franklin is known to almost any. known that this stamp of blue color was created in 1861 and used until 1867;.

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3 Apr 2008. World's rarest and most expensive stamps rating with prices, appearance and auctioning history. View full. 3c George Washington, 1867 rare stamp · $900,000. 1851 Benjamin Franklin is one of the oldest U.S. stamps.

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12 Nov 1986. The winning bid came from Andrew Levitt, a stamp dealer from Danbury. prize light-blue stamp, displaying a bust of Benjamin Franklin facing right, to be from 1867–was particularly exciting to philatelists attempting to build.

25 Feb 2008. Around the same time the stamps with the D. and E. grills went into production. are the 1-cent Franklin, 10-cent Washington and 15-cent Lincoln stamps. with only two known, one being in the Benjamin K. Miller Collection.