Funny Names For Republicans

12 May 2016. Here are 50 terrible nicknames for Trump, all of them better than what the. a nickname designed to devastate Republican nominee Donald Trump:. well have gone all the way and chosen a nickname that was blatantly cool.

6 Jun 2018. There are many serious issues worth debating this year. But the GOP strategy against Joe Donnelly seems to have settled on silly.

24 Mar 2013. You ever notice how Republican officials have weird names—like Mitt or Newt or Orrin? And a fair number of them make us do a double-take.

23 Oct 2019. A group of Republicans led by Matt Gaetz stormed an impeachment hearing. # StoptheSchiffShow — which is so self-parodic it's almost funny.

2 Apr 2015. Names more commonly given by Republican parents: Frank, Joseph, Once you know this, it's fun to speculate about all kinds of celebrities.

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30 May 2016. Our findings: Red State baby names tend to defy convention in spelling, gender. Way to ruin the fun of baby names with politics :/ I agree, according to the “ findings”. How Democrat (or Republican) is your baby's name?

15 Sep 2016. Once it was clear the real-estate-mogul-turned-presidential candidate was becoming a serious contender for the Republican nomination, Oliver.

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American Revolution Muster Rolls Founding Fathers 4th Of July Alas, the founding fathers also stuck us with the nearly insurmountable two-thirds requirement for. Yet if history is any guide, we have little to fear

25 Sep 2019. Nancy Pelosi had barely announced the impeachment inquiry into Trump when Twitter and Instagram became flooded with memes. Here we.

11 Dec 2019. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, speaking Wednesday at a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee on impeachment, said the name of a.

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25 Feb 2016. From surprising synonyms to expected insults, the top nicknames for. Donald Trump is a man of many titles: billionaire, businessman, Republican candidate. All the same, it's good to see some diehards joining in the 'fun'.

16 Jan 2018. President Donald Trump has a knack for nicknames.

Republican Party. Pat Roberts · U.S. Senate Kansas. 1997-01-07. Republican Party. Gary Peters · U.S. Senate Michigan. 2015-01-06. Democratic Party.

27 Oct 2010. Young Boozer, Krystal Ball, Say 'Vote for Me' Despite Odd Names. Luther Strange is the Republican candidate for Alabama attorney general.

10 Jun 2016. For parents who lean Republican in their values, there may be nothing. The following all-American baby names are cool and classic and.

26 Jun 2018. The defining divide in American politics is probably between Republicans and Democrats. It encapsulates all our other divides — by race,

This project will be lots of fun if everyone pitches in to help!. "America, a new kind of republic, brought to you by the Banana Republicans" –from a viewer.

Founding Fathers 4th Of July Alas, the founding fathers also stuck us with the nearly insurmountable two-thirds requirement for. Yet if history is any guide, we have little to fear from what’s shaping up to

20 Mar 2013. We all remember those times on the playground when kids' names would be. name game that adult Republicans have been playing for decades. I'd suggest they do some soul-searching about this silly little party custom.

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