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A self-employed web developer, Dutczak is the mastermind behind Best Edmonton Mall, a website and YouTube channel dedicated to the attraction. where a full-size replica of the Christopher Columbus.

Nas — not Christopher Columbus vs. rap battles on his YouTube channel, which was gaining a lot of traction. He had the title and pitched me the idea and we got going on the first episode. Pete:.

He will explore how extensively the Vikings explored North America, after landing there 500 years before Christopher Columbus came to its shores. departure from Nelson’s first TV venture, the.

History Channel is setting its sights on Christopher Columbus’ lost ship. The cable network and October Films have snagged exclusive rights to the marine investigators’ exploration of what they.

Or after we scrub them from history do we have to move on to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, two presidents who owned slaves? I failed to mention Christopher Columbus. the Confederacy. When.

8, in the Plaza de Triunfo, near the city’s signature Giralda tower and the Seville Cathedral, which houses Christopher Columbus’ tomb. to learn via a video on the Bienal’s YouTube channel and Web.

In the years that followed, the story of the Olympic flame began to unfold like an epic novel. torches and was inspired by the adventures of the Genoa- born Christopher Columbus, the first explorer.

Erikson was born in the late-10th century A.D. in Iceland, according to the History Channel. His father. It was nearly four centuries later, in 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived in North.

Science Channel has greenlit a new series titled America’s Lost Vikings. The show will explore evidence that the Vikings, who are among the most feared warriors in history, landed on the coast of.

A shipwreck off northern Haiti may be the remains of Christopher Columbus’ flagship vessel the Santa Maria. Clifford, whose exploration of the site is being backed by the History Channel, says he.

Forget Christopher Columbus because he wasn’t the first European to visit. His latest book and a recent History Channel two-hour special chronicling his work, "The Holy Grail in America," take his.

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Death sites instead tell us most Viking warriors went bare-headed or wore leather headgear, according to The History Channel. This popular. also included costumes with horned-helmets. 4.

History, of course! Laura Ling has the details in today’s Seeker Daily report. In the 15th century, Christopher Columbus and other explorers discovered. You can watch all your favorite Discovery.

Or after we scrub them from history do we have to move on to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, two presidents who owned slaves? I failed to mention Christopher Columbus. the Confederacy. When.

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A UH Mānoa researcher is featured in the History Channel program “Who Really Discovered America. The documentary explores possible “discoveries” of the Americas before Christopher Columbus “staked.

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Lynch said he got into magic when he was 8 years old, after watching a Disney Channel show from which he learned to. scheduled for 7 p.m. on April 5 at Reefpoint Brewhouse, 2 Christopher Columbus.

A monument to Christopher Columbus that was over 200 years old was smashed with a sledgehammer Monday morning to combat a “culture of white supremacy.” A YouTube channel titled “Popular Resistance”.

NEW YORK – An explorer who believes he’s found the wreckage of Christopher Columbus’ flagship. Clifford, whose exploration of the site is being financed by the History Channel, is known for.

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Video footage showing someone taking a sledgehammer to the memorial’s base was posted on Popular Resistance’s YouTube channel this morning. A 225-year-old monument to Christopher Columbus that stands.